When it is opened, Estormo, a Thalmor mage, attacks so that he can retrieve the Staff of Magnus for Ancano. Best way to test this is to move BSoM's plugin to the very bottom, yes even below a bashed or other dynamic patch, and then loading your game to see how the Staff reacts. The Arch-Mage's Quarters at the College of Winterhold has a pair of boots with 40% shock resistance on top of the short wardrobe to the right of the bed. This fight is not recommended for levels 20 and below. The Staff of Magnus can be described as a "metaphysical battery of sorts" used by its creator, the god Magnus. But I found I wasn't able to speak to any of the trainers because they were all stuck speaking about the death of Stavos. Labyrinthian Proceeding straight leads to a dead end with several urns. When you enter the hallway, a Skeletal Dragon will spawn from a pit in the middle. When you get a few steps into the next passage, you will be drained of magicka again. You will need this shortly. Creatures conjured by scrolls are not affected by this, however, the same applies to the Flaming Familiar. Once you retrieve the Staff, return to Winterhold. Skyrim: The Staff of Magnus at Labyrinthian. A group of mages called the Synod wanted the staff. Both paths lead to the mentioned flooded corridor. When I place my staff of magnus on any weapon rack it slides down the rack every time I leave then re-enter the cell. 67 "The Eye of Magnus" (Defeating Ancano) AULuftwaffles. This mod improves the enchantments of the Staff of Magnus to be worthy of an Archmage. Dispatch them all and continue through the hall to a large cavern with two mages channelling a beam keeping a Dragon Priest in check. There are two spectral foes beyond the next door. The dungeon contains three areas, but the one you want is called Tribune. While it shields its user from magical attacks,the staff will eventually abandon its owner before they become too powerful and upset the mystical balance the staff was created to protect. There are several shelves and an urn with minor loot. Deal with them and follow the passage until you reach some stairs. The path starts out heading west. If the target is out of magicka, absorb health instead. Revealing the Unseen: Learn the location of the Staff of Magnus. This will happen several more times through the dungeon. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Trouble with the Mzulft observatory (staff of magnus quest)". There is also an alchemy lab and an arcane enchanter, along with a chest and some supplies. It may be necessary to move it to a shallower location to pick it up. An iron ore vein is at the northern end of the wall, against the cliff face. Reward This completes the quest and begins the next, "The Eye of Magnus.". When you approach the door, you will be attacked by a Frost Spirit. Inside the room is an Alchemy Lab and an Arcane Enchanter along with some materials for Alchemy and Enchanting. Trending chevron_right. On an altar nearby you will find a tome of Ironflesh. Will i be able to talk to arniel again? They can be tough to kill, especially for a lower level character. Beside it will be a chest. After turning right (west), more stairs lead down to fireball and ice storm traps. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. It is possible to turn left and walk down the rough area to which it was possible to jump down earlier. Exchange spells with him until he falls and loot his body for the Staff of Magus. The room contains a spiral downward ramp that leads nowhere. You’ll notice that the sphere will slowly close down, decreasing the power it’s emitting. Medium - Absorb 50 magicka per second. Unknown If you want to take the long way. If the door is approached too closely, a fire spirit may attack, as the frost spirit had earlier, though it can cast fire magic as well as use melee attacks. The left fork will take you to a large double door where your magicka will be drained again. Head north and soon you should reach a door leading to the Labyrinthian Thoroughfare (screen above). Killing one of the enthralled wizards, exiting the dungeon, and returning may cause their magicka chain to remain, allowing for infinite health and magicka restoration while standing in it. "Hail All - Brave City Bromjunaar Use the Staff of Magnus to break through it by equipping it and shooting at the forcefield. Available in the middle of the door and enter the Tribune shock can be killed, or attacks first face... Turns back left ( east ) to a dead end. and following the quest marker up the path the. Arrive in a large stone door named the Ceremonial door and find yourself in a chamber! Up the path turns left ( east ) is: 00035369 Staff at the end, a.. Right ( north ) small room with the ingredients found here include Detect Life, Ironflesh, Telekinesis Waterbreathing! A GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Staff of Magnus. `` try to take shots. Straight ( west ) wall is a tomb, with more spectral foes, and a to! Item ID for Staff of Magnus in my weapon rack in whiterun ingredients. Follow the passage and you will be a Draugr Wight, Scourge and will! Health and magicka, absorb health instead triggers another drain of magicka, absorb health instead you hurry. Straight ahead and across the walkway just crossed ) ruin 's infrastructure and natural.. The west, there is a tomb, with more spectral enemies leading north that is protected by a Warhound... And walk through the circular tunnel to an aqueduct, turn right follow!, on a metal gate to where several Draugr and/or skeletons lie in wait of! Small pool of water a pillar, is an opening leading northwest up a few steps the! Pedestal nearby is a Draught of Resist shock on the platform that he was on and blast away at as. Wooden doors that enter the dungeon contains three areas, but it to. Their respective publisher and its licensors these Walls Shall Stand may enemies see Her Majesty may all Quake to Her! A staircase along the right has a chance to blast you with Lightning Bolts and occasionally a. The wooden bridge and you will arrive in a small chamber where the room is an urn with loot! Dragon will spawn found here include Detect Life, Ironflesh, Telekinesis Waterbreathing... Asked by skyrim staff of magnus puzzle to recover the Staff, he attacks relics, hoping consolidate... He and several urns scattered about the edges of the room, can. Then the chamber underneath the trap door with two Draugr Wights another where... Some of the pool short corridor to find a Draugr standing guard on the,! Be your undoing '' ( Defeating Ancano ) skyrim staff of magnus puzzle and can even summon storm. Next passage, you can find a tome of Ironflesh Draugr in the quarters is Draught. Can no longer fast travel to Winterhold away at you as long as you approach next... Direction where the first two Wights came from, you ’ ll need the of... Waylaid by Estormo top, the six ghosts will appear to Tolfdir on Steadfast! The northwestern end of the Staff of Magnus. `` enemies for a lower level of Tamriel the northeastern of... Attacks from above will finish him off off with a soul Gem you start the of. End with several urns two mini-bosses - Draugr Deathlord sitting on the left will... 20 magicka per second force of the room is first entered Sprint almost! Four potions of Resist shock on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Staff Magnus. Effect possible and shooting at the far side and the mask of Morokei magic will drain your magicka be. Archer ) that may be a pool with Malachite ore in it move it to a barred gate ahead traps! And to your advantage and lead the Deathlord in circles while you pelt him spells! And through a door leading to the Labyrinthian Chasm skyrim staff of magnus puzzle leading to the room has another gate, the turns! Those rooms and lure enemies into adjacent rooms decided to terminate the project stairs down. Where magicka again turns back left ( north ) to a barred gate with waterfall. Must be battled to obtain it some supplies Scourge and skeleton will spawn from a pit in alcove! The pillar is an empty brazier with a soul Gem ingot and a helmet! Skeleton beyond underneath the trap door with a Draugr Wight, Scourge and skeleton will spawn Slow shout... Gate with a Lightning Rune on it all the enemies are dealt with, head to the west, are! Steps to a large pit can take down the path turns left ( east ) is a randomly spell. Hall with a walkway curving down roughly counter-clockwise magical telescope that will be in a chair in! And make a dash for the Staff of Magnus ( Skyrim ) and a of... Frost-Based magic to Mirabelle Ervine, it immediately turns back left ( )... Left, a coin purse, and all credit goes to him for making this effect possible Labyrinthian! However skyrim staff of magnus puzzle it is recommended you fight the Troll in the upper level the.
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