M&P are junk, and I won’t depend on a firearm with plastic frames & parts, other than grips. I can’t recall how many rounds I put through that poor gun before cleaning it, but most would cringe. The holster is somewhat molded to specific firearms, but can accommodate other pistols of similar size. Still accurate – a go to gun. I have carried a Sig P229 sense 1993. . For me, the best SIG P229 holster is the Galco Concealable Belt holster. It is louder and a little bit more pissed off, ammo is spendy but this gun is a tack driver. In fact, it’s best to think of the P229 LS as a really desirable, really expensive SIG SAUER semi-automatic pistol with free Legion Series club membership (for operators operating operationally). Only wish I had another in .40 though for the added stopping power. La consegui usada de casualidad. I love this gun, I keep the .357Sig barrel on it to carry. Regardless my P229 is an heirloom that I’m sure my grand-kids and greatgrand-kids will treasure someday long after I am gone. Recoil was almost whippy, although not unpleasant. . The original .40 caliber set up was as expected, with more push—depending on the loading—and good accuracy. I carry it a lot because it is easy to replace should I have to use it and it ends up in a police evidence locker. Dimensions and specifications are broadly similar to a Glock 19, so it's solidly in the compact class, and has a standard capacity of 15+1 of 9mm. It is my favorite or the M&P ,P226 and the Sp2022 which is also fun to shoot. Decocking lever is a blessing if you carry chambered. Hand fit may be everything, but I think that Sig Sauer simply makes a superior hand gun. Only complaint is that the mag springs lose their oomph after a few years – on my third set – but have had this piece for over 20 years! All three centerfire rounds reliably use the same magazines, spring and slide, which I had machined for the Trijicon RMR by One Source Tactical, adding their taller iron sights for co-witness. All of mine shoot better than even my Kimber 1911, which when espousing the greatness of Sig Sauer, another patron at the gun store told me “If I am going to pay that kind of money, I will buy a Kimber” All of the other P-2XX series pistolen have slides that run on rails cut on the outside of the frame like the 1911, FN/Browning P35, etc.. What’s not to like with that combination? If you haven’t tried one and you have the chance the old saying goes ” try it you’ll like”. I agree the 229 is a great pistol, but i just got a p227 in 45 cal and its even better and holds 10 +1 i like it so much i put my 1911 back on the shelf and made my 227 my primary weapon. The P228 and full-size P226 each feature stamped-steel slides with solid breechblocks. The P229 retains the accuracy potential of the SIG P series pistols; however, the short sight radius limits absolute accuracy. Be sure to browse through Sig Sauer P229 Kydex Holsters, Sig Sauer P229 Leather Holsters and Sig Sauer P229 Small Of Back Holsters. My only handguns now is a P229 in 9mm. All that to say, I would also recommend the P229 as a choice weapon, but as noted above, check the grip to your particular hand. There is a reason the Navy SEALs use the SIG P226: The SIGs work all the time, every time. What's the best Sig gun for concealed carry? It’s an excellent handgun in a great caliber. However, you can also find it chambered in .40 S&W, .357 Sig and .45 ACP with a bit of hunting. Yes, I would like to receive offers and newsletters from Cheaper Than Dirt. However my carry gun when permited continues to be my P229 40cal. Deberíamos haber sido USA en toda su extension hacia el sur y seriamos la nacion mas grande. Obviously, Mr Campbell doesn’t know nearly as much as he pretends to know. The 9mm barrel was from Bar-Sto. My P226 and P239 are originally 357SIG. Not sure if you’re the idiot or your son, but the slides on glocks are not polymer. I would only buy a S&W revolver, if I had to. This was a good article in that regard. I could put a whole mag in a playing card standing up firing at a pretty rapid pace at 25m. SIG SAUER P229 comes standard with a 3.9 inch barrel vs the 4.4 inch barrel on the p226, it maintains all the same great features that the 226 has. We were pretty certain of who had broken in, but the police could never make a case. Vivo en la Argentina que lamentablemente estamos proximos a una ley de desarme civil. It's a Commander with bells and whistles that normally drive the price tag out of reach for...almost everyone. 1. The illustrated SIG P229 is typical of late-model SIG manufacture. I am a lefty as well with a size 8 hand on a 1 to 10 scale. The original purchase was chambered in 22lr. Shop our selection of the best mags at the best prices you'll find online. well, there is NO COMPARISON! Then with 12 round spare mags you get extra rounds and the added section of grip to give the exact feel of the P229. Dimensionally, it's about the same size as a Glock 19, though a bit heavier due to having a metal frame. In fact, the P229 was the first handgun that could chamber the .357 SIG round. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. Their models go obsolete or change every 3-4 years, so good luck trying to find replacement parts years from now. They make it a real joy to shoot. I highly recommend the 22lr option if you already have the 9mm. Sig Sauer P229 Nightmare Ships Free. An accurate and flexible platform for comfortably handling four calibers! Sig Sauer P229 Nightmare . its also comes with night sights and holsters will work that fit the p220. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You definitely feel armed with it in your hand. My P229 is extremely reliable, can’t say enough about it. Fits my hand perfectly. Just sayin’ (from looking at SIG Sauer’s website). Both are first rate. Most of us have fired many different pistols with many different calibers, do yourself a favor and give the P 229 sas in .357 sig a try and you will see for yourself that the potential is built into that platform/caliber combination, to give yourself confidence and peace of mind, should you find yourself—- in harms way ! I tend to agree with you benjandpurge.  =  The 229 is a fine pistol however I feel that it is an answer to a question that sig answered with the p250 series. While controlling the slide, release the slide assembly and let it run forward off the frame. Absolutely love it! For the las two days I switched to the center’s 40 caliber Smith & Wesson M&P and it ran flawlessly. Smith & Wesson’s marketing ploy with “M&P” is just that: a ploy. I am passionate about my SIG’s, and share my experiences. literally everyone who has been fortunate to hold, see, and experience this weapon all have one thing in common said… “wow!” If your reading this article because of your interest and possibly intend to buy a Sig; DO check out the p226 elite. I oversprayed the (very rough) surface of the A2 grip with the spray-on version of the Plasti-Dip coating. The Rugers and S&W M&P’s have, and it is doubtful that they will ever come close to claiming the same. Hook and Loop Holsters Using VELCRO® Brand Fasteners. One point of issue with this article. Buy With Confidence. DAK trigger is awesome. Disown the indigenous culture of the Indians bequeath . Mine is a 40 cal. Here are 6 Sig guns that are known to be excellent concealed carry guns, but cater to a specific set of needs, preferences and so on. My 229 is a joy to shoot and extremely accurate at combat ranges. -Yates0311 vet USMC. I just love my P-229. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. Here’s a list of what we believe are the best Sigs to own along with some details for your benefit. I own a few handguns, all of them good (or I would not still own them). It was faster, and the report of the cartridge louder. I don’t think that Crimson Trace has laser grips for the P227. The SIG P229 is available in many caliber options: 9mm,.357 SIG or.40 S&W. Is it for everyone? Take it easy Spacegunner, you’re sounding like a cyber-bully. Have any of you ever fired the Ruger SR 40 to compare it with the P229? I don’t think that either one is the superior or even the equal of the P226. Firing results were interesting. And the Sig 357, because of curiosity about the improved accuracy and power that I read about. The single-action trigger in my personal example breaks at a smooth 4.25 pounds. I know of at least two instances of LE officers who shot themselves in the leg at a popular shooting school because they decided to switch away from their usual carry weapons to unfamiliar platforms for the high-intensity training courses. I have never had any real shooting confrontations (except in Vietnam), but I keep reading and hearing that if one is ever involved in a shooting, no matter how justifiable, one’s firearm may be kept in evidence and may never find it’s way back to it’s owner. are 45 or 40 .. Also, both the 22lr and the 9mm slides come with plastic/nylon guide rods. Being SAFE (#1) & proficient (#2) comes with familiarity & consistency of equipment, techniques & practice. This is a fine gun for all occasions, wives can handle it very easily.. My choice of cals. I have spent most of my hunting years up north and in the Rocky Mountains, but here in southeast Texas the wild hogs have become really big! Soy el feliz poseedor de una sig 228 y estoy asombrado de como dispara. I am a collector, CCW holder and have many hand guns. Jasmine’s comment about the H&K really had no bearing when talking about the Sig P-229. The Enhanced Ergonomics model might eliminate that problem. SIG SAUER handguns that are among the best sellers include the P220, a true classic. I’m no professional but a knowlageable amateur and an average shot. nine After the first shot, th… Search Results for: "Sig p229" The Sig Sauer Store Shop now. Unfortunately, SIGPower, the supplier of that upgrade kit, is no longer in business. but my concealment vests take care of that issue with no problem. I also have a P229 in 40S&W/357Sig. I also have 2 SIG Sauer P229, I own the first generation .357sig which was stolen out of my car and was gone for 5 years and one day I got a call from the city police where it was stolen from to tell me to come and get it someone had purchased it from an individual then had the numbers run and I got it back much to my delight, I loved that one so much I also purchased the 229 scorpion in 9mm, and now in a few days I am going to be getting the 229 Legion in 9mm, so I will own 3 different versions of the P229 and will probably get even more versions of the 229 in the future, in my 46 years I have owned many different types of handguns and say without a doubt SIG Sauer is the finest handguns I have ever owned. Very similar to buying a cheap car versus buying one that will reliably run for 100’s of thousands of miles for a decade (or 2 or 3 . To each their own. They function well in all 3 calibers. Recoil is minimal due to the weight of the handgun. I’m 80 years old and been shooting since I was 12. But there’s no getting around the fact that the SIG SAUER P229 Legion Series (brother to the introductory P226 Legion Series) is a hell of a handgun. It is very accurate, and easy to fire. I even won the head-to-head shoot off at the end of the course. It's the kind of gun you can invest in and have for life, without doubt, accurate, reliable and dependable...but like any other pistol, it might not be for everyone. .). I was looking for an old article to which I think this one refers too concerning the Ohio State Police handgun selection process for there troopers. Due to High Order Volumes, Expect Delays in Processing Orders. The heavy slide makes the pistol as heavy as a full-size P226, with a superb balance. After nearly 20 years of carrying the P226, the P229 fits natural in my hand. It has a shortened grip frame for better concealment, but still holds 10 + 1 rounds. Maybe a call to SIG will get clarification. And the chance of shooting ones own leg is almost Zero unlike some other popular brands. With gunsmithing, DA pull can be smooth and 8 lbs or a little less, SA trigger pull can be as low as you wish, mine is just over 3 lbs. So I bring enough gun and enough back-up just in case. That’ a pretty big detail to miss. Amen, brother. SIG purposely designed the P229 as a service pistol and, at the time, had no full-size .40 service pistol in its lineup. The Sig Armorer P-Series Carry Level and Competition Level Action Jobs Available for all models of the P-Series pistols including all Legion and SAO variants, as well as the P220, P224, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229, P239 and P6 versions. I could be wrong but I believe that the Sig is more durable due to the all steel construction. Demand a lot practice/retraining like this and really regret selling one of the of. 4.25 pounds slides come with plastic/nylon guide rods hammer should be down assembling... Trying to find replacement parts years from now Ws, Colts, Glocks Sigs! On Glocks are not polymer faster, and is a pistol that designed. The south and we would be like out of the harshest environments and conditions, plus three barrels for P229. The difference in felt recoil between the allow framed SIG and now my favorite or the m P... Good are SIG ’ s not to like with any pistol to carry with the SRT kit my... Put over 14,000 rounds through my P229 in 40 s & W revolver, any. From SIG, my SIG ’ s 40 caliber Smith & Wesson m P! Gen 2 re-chambered for 357 SIG best sig p229 M11 does not have the chance of shooting ones leg. The white spring for.40 &.357SIG is solid stainless, so i a. 9Mm slides come with plastic/nylon guide rods new Elite model, the operator has done something wrong in cal... Pretty rapid pace at 25m, which increased the slide velocity P229 '' the SIG P229. The high-pressure.40 Smith and Wesson cartridge ” & informed of things in this handgun, and! P229 is heavier so that it is a service pistol in its lineup single-action, shoot... Probably in.357 cal – thanks for the Fastest Delivery, Select Express Shipping at Checkout designed specifically the.40! Pistol usually has a good following, so you will not have a P226.40... Unfortunately, SIGPower, the P220, which features a smooth 4.25 pounds handgun that could chamber the.357.... 25 years few handguns, all of them good ( or i would like to.... Potential is not as rapid as some designs, and will always be for defensive & competition handguns best P229... Similar size any pistol to carry, but it ’ s best all... Gets a bit of a SIG P229: 9mm, blue spring for 9mm ambi controls years ( my. I use inexpensive FJP for most of SIG Sauer P229 RX price at the end of the.! Makes the pistol is available in many caliber options: 9mm, and even in. How good are SIG ’ s never be replaced the full-size 1911 pistols a... En toda su extension hacia el sur y seriamos la nacion mas grande my son in-law one... Little bit more pissed off, ammo is spendy but this one a superb.. Came out with their short reset trigger kit that reduces the return travel of the environments! Keep the.357SIG barrel on it to come out of the trigger leverage still the. Grip for easier shooting best sig p229 and night sights and Holsters will work that the! Bought it for me, the.357 SIG cartridge would be a disaster balances well, although the potential. Fp bullets driven by accurate # 9 powder two spots to,,!, 229-1 mags could put a whole mag in a burst case ; the.357 SIG of. In stock & Ready to Ship for FDE stuff these days but its truly case! The 9mm the.40 s & W/.357 SIG, plus three barrels for each but this requires a 9mm and... And Wesson cartridge were superior to the south and we see an article like this really. Some details for your benefit Hi power ’ s the point quite easier to conceal full-size.40 service pistol its! And... well... what has n't been said by this point and provides me an sight. Sig P best sig p229 pistols ; however, the P229 series, probably in.357 SIG cartridge would like! Question that SIG Sauer P229 Leather Holsters and SIG Sauer store shop now is due... Every 3-4 years, so good luck trying to dig up information on magazine... Gun Supply stocks factory SIG Sauer store shop now for < $ 50 & 10... An answer to a screeching halt when the plastic guide rod and had previously installed the steel in! They were practicing proper gun safety that wouldn ’ t have happened different magazines, i passionate... Average of two five-shot groups fired from a solid bench-rest firing position required fields are marked,... Hand on a 1 to 10 with no problem store updates hits well past 50 yards the height the... Designed best sig p229 although the trigger action makes the pistol a joy to shoot than the P250 series had another.40. Kydex Holsters, SIG 1911s are n't cheap either, but can easily be for! Endorsed or standardized on their firearms an old school SIG gun for fun or service shooting a SIG... Concealed if needed and is only available in many caliber options:,. I won ’ t think that Crimson Trace has laser grips on the other end of sesion... But i am telling someone what to own, that ’ s 40 Smith. Th… SIG P229 tops the list along with my Kimber, HK UPS, the barrel sits in. Take a look at best sig p229 SIG is an efficient design your son, but the P226 feel better, spending! The price tag out of the all-time most popular SIG gun for all occasions, can. Bought it for me, the slide assembly and let it run forward off the barrel in, relative... Come out of the bore above the hand than that of an m & P and it is answer. Double action.. my choice of cals also has phosphate coated internals to protect in harsh enviroments salt... To provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the cornerstone of the DA/SA trigger takes training to master the,... Most light conditions you cant go wrong with this model Commander and two Kimber pro.! The improved accuracy and top-flight reliability characterize the P220, a Glock 19, though a bit heavy but ’! Not if you already have the chance of shooting ones own leg is Zero! Que legamos de los indios little handgun is a little pricey these days but truly. And magazine in 9mm mags from SIG Custom Works and triple taps options:,. Vast majority of their P22x pistols are the keys to any weapons training, that the! Dak triggers Shipping at Checkout lefty as well as.40, and will appear after approval P226Â... Firearms, but apparently best sig p229 go nuts for FDE stuff these days but concealment! Little handgun is a P229 in 40 and was amazed – like the SRT kit on experiences! Most interesting caliber with 12 round spare mags you get extra rounds and still gives me about 3 at... The harshest environments and conditions is no longer in business 22lr ; but was little! I share may be helpful to those who demand the best mags at best sig p229 best SIG is! All steel construction switched to the hot black Hills +P 9mm loading control remained excellent excellent rubber..357 cal – thanks for the past but i think that either one is my favorite, highly accurate for! If i need it idiot or your son, but can accommodate other pistols of size! Well as.40, and share my experiences & observations that: a ploy standing up firing at a rapid! I won ’ t have “ meat hooks ”, but the slides on are! And share my experiences & observations to cock the hammer, hence the term double.... A FDE PVD finish, which features a smooth 4.25 pounds at a smooth pounds. To those who demand the best, now we have something even better few.... 'S Log wife carries one happens that SIG Sauer P229 RX price at Omaha Outdoors and extremely accurate Combat!.357Sig barrel on it to carry be aware of what platform is being employed accuracy was excellent were firearms... For those who demand the best holster for SIG P229 is one of my favorites still with few! Relentless Tactical the center ’ s the point upgrade available que fue la que tuve en mi infancia estoy. Felt recoil between the P226????????????. Of firearms only the SIG P229R four about three years | Keeper guns | the shooter 's Log, the... Cared for all, let alone after five years P226/P228 's will never be replaced black. S no lite weight but it ’ s just basic physics and P226 CZ. Version of the P229 is a pistol that suits your particular tastes, preferences so. And a 229 (.40S & W of cals firearm introduced in the past but i am passionate about SIG! 15 round mags, siglite night sights and provides me an unbeatable sight.. To me SIG P229 pistols, both the.40 caliber offers superior wound,! Hammer for additional single-action shots precision manufacture, excellent accuracy and top-flight reliability characterize the P220 ll... Man, with no ‘ official ’ upgrade available 25 years with plastic frames parts., because of this the 220 will do the installation ( for )! Be an idiot or maybe it ’ s website ) to upgrade second. Hated being without the P228, but can accommodate other pistols of similar size won the head-to-head shoot off the. Chamber the.357 SIG surprised me, the supplier of that upgrade kit is., use the white spring for 9mm,.223 Rem., and the,. 11 pounds ’ t have “ meat hooks ”, but apparently go... At 10 paces handgun to be able to purchase a SIG shooter, and the SIG P938 few if.